As a premiere network infrastructure service provider, GVM designs and builds a wide range of network applications for businesses around the world. We help network managers identify and correct critical network and security issues and provide them with the adequate resources to overcome IT restrictions.

In today’s complex technological landscape, GVM grew to know organizational obstacles and need for improvement. With over 15 years of experience in IT consultancy and network system management we offer a reliable and scalable process for your company.

Together with your engineers we compose solutions for your specifications and we plan, monitor and implement an operational environment fit to your needs. We know how important resources are in this fast paced technological world and we make sure that our comprehensive and secure applications streamline your work process. GVM helps grow your organizational success by penetrating new markets, efficiently expanding your operations and by ensuring that we offer customized options for your IT challenges.


IP Address Management
Managing IP address allocation in your network can often be a time consuming job that takes up resources and focus from driving business … learn more
IPv6 Implementation
As we face a massive increase of devices accessing the internet, IPv4 address resources are running out, thus emerged the need for IPv6 … learn more
IPv4 Acquisition
If you are migrating to IPv6, a more stable and performant solution for your network IP space, and are looking to sell IPv4 resources … learn more


IPv4 Address Allocation
In today’s market the number of IPv4 addresses is limited but not depleted. In many cases mergers between tech companies … learn more
Adaptive Network Control
Market needs change so does your business network infrastructure. to stay ahead you must stay sharp and have sturdy network control … learn more
IPv6 Address Allocation
GVM offers its clients the new version of internet protocol – IPv6 – which is undoubtedly the near future of internet technology … learn more
Network Security
Let your enterprise’s success experience the benefits of network security with GVM. Our customized solutions are designed … learn more
ASN Allocation
GVM’s IT team is prepared to offer various design solution for enterprises that need network routing protocols backed up by … learn more
Secure Access
Having control over who accesses specific resources is an integral part of network security since the dawn of the computer age … learn more
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